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What we do.

AeroYoga (Air Yoga ©) is an artistic method of personal growth inspired by ancient techniques such as Natha Yoga, Mallakhmab Rope, Ayurveda and also more modern ones like Pilates, contemporary dance, the Alexander method and holisitic gymnastics. AeroYoga uses suspension and weightlessness in a special swing as a platform to foster creativity, toning, muscle definition and rejuvenation.

About JP

Who we are.

After practicing Martial arts for 20 years and studying for years as a personal trainer in TRX, Kick Boxing and Yoga, John Pavajeau is now an Aerial Yoga Certified Instructor. JP also has a degree in Business Administration and is a motivated, energetic responsible fitness instructor extensively trained in HIIT. Aerial Yoga is inspired by the purest yoga in order to allow students to grow and develop creatively, leaving behind the negative effects of stress and other blocking energies.

what do we do in a regular aerial yoga lesson?

A regular Aerial Yoga lesson lasts 60 minutes, this is the perfect amount of time for one lesson because when your body is suspended in weightlessness all aspects are enhanced: physical, mental, respiratory, emotional, creative etc…

During your 60 minute lesson, breathing and posture are key, but the most important aspect is personal enjoyment. Have fun with it! Aerial yoga is what we call a RE-Creational fitness method, because it is “recreational” (it’s fun to practice) and it also “re-creates”: It helps us to re-build or re-sculpt your body as an artist would. Aerial yoga helps us meet our health and fitness objectives so we can become what we want to be.

We may also use external elements while swinging such as rubber bands and free weights, aromatherapy, music therapy and herbal medicine.

Aerial Yoga is the first method in weightlessness that offers 3 distinct fitness variants according to the objectives sought by the student: Yoga Air © (the most holistic), Pilates Air © (AeroPilates®) the most technical and Aéreo® the most aerobic. JP is a certified teacher prepared and specialized to offer these 3 very different approaches to studying yoga, pilates, and HIIT.

Classes always end with a position in which the student is face down, comfortably wrapped in the air, completely weightless with legs raised higher than the rest of the body; thus achieving maximum relaxation.

These elements and the holistic and artistic focus of these lessons make it stand tall above other methods in suspension.

A personalized evaluation is conducted with potential students before beggining lessons and JP will prescribe a routine suitable for your level (although it is always recommended to speak to your doctor if you have any existing conditions).


Since ancient times it has been mankind’s dream to free itself from the bonds of its bodyweight and fly. With Aerial yoga multiple working body positions from the perspective of suspension and weightlessness are implemented, using the weight of the body as a tool to generate added value and enhance stretching, strength, flexibility, body awareness and physical growth.

Aerial Yoga is the first all inclusive air fitness method. This means all people regardless of their physical condition, can enjoy and get maximum benefit, according to their level. That is why we work closely with health professional (doctors specializing in sports medicine, treasuries, osteopathy …)

So that everyone has access to this fitness technique, Aerial Yoga proposes three well-defined levels of intensity:

Level “0” (Restorative Yoga Aero), suitable for all.
In level “0” the body is in contact with the ground and only a part in weightlessness. Objective: full Relaxation allowing your body to flow effortlessly with the help of the swing, the benefits are: detox, deep relaxation, reinforcing of joints, posture correction and restoration.

Level “1” (Pilates® Pilates Aero Air ©) is comprised of air positions near the ground and in contact with the ground. Objectives are toning, posture correction, posture reeducation, spinal flexibility, muscle definition, and deep relaxation.

Level “2” (Aerial Acrobatic Yoga, the most physically demanding) at this level the body works totally in the air, where the student can perform acrobatic postures that stimulate mind, body and imagination.


M. Escobedo

Training with JP is not about just lifting heavy weights or doing obscene unnecessary amounts of cardio. It incorporates all different types of movements into one amazing workout. Since I started at training in November of 2010 I have noticed a significant increase in my overall fitness. From kettlebells to jump rope, deadlifts to overhead squats, and everything in between you never know what concoction of exercises JP has in store for class. Not to mention how motivating he is throughout the workout. Along with the other members you won’t find a better group of people. No other gym compares.”

M. Escobedo
J. Rico

Training with JP has changed my life. The obvious can be stated, training will make you look better. I lost 105 pounds and have maintained my weight loss wihout resorting to extreme diets. Though I look better that’s not the gift that training has given me. It has ended the pressures to be “thin” and to lose weight and to be a size 0 that I was plagued with most of my adult life. I was obsessed with the scale and I no longer need one. My focus shifted from the weight on the scale to the weight on the bar; how much I can deadlift, clean and push-press. My progress was not measured by the pounds I was losing but the ability to do pull-ups with a band, to kipping pull-ups and then being able to do dead hang pull-ups.

J. Rico
J. Enrique

Fitmode by JP is my home away from home where my family is.

When I walk in I get to leave everything else at the door and just be me. It is a place to be proud and also be humbled. I am challenged, stretched, and encouraged to do my absolute best by my coach and peers who are all in it together. What we do with JP  improves my life everywhere else…period.  Nutrition and Training.

J. Enrique

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